Britney Spears Vows Chastity

 Britney Spears Vows Chastity

Toxic singer taking a hiatus from dating to focus on career

Looks like someone’s finally figured it out - according to Entertainment Wise, Britney Spears has decided to take a break from dating and sex to focus on getting her career back on track.  A source is quoted as saying, “"She's concentrating on her career and getting back to where she once was.  Although she would love to be in a relationship she's aware that it's the kind of blow that comes with being let down by a partner that has seen her lose it in the past. She won't make that mistake again.”

I think this is what they refer to as “breaking a streak” and judging Britney’s exes, one could definitely agree that this was a smart move for Britney.  Between her 55 hour marriage to Jason Alexander to ex-husband Kevin Federline and a hook-up with former paparazzi photographer Adnan Ghalib, Britney is arguably a douchebag magnet.  It looks like she’s finally got it together, with a new album on the way, a tour and her best body in years.  Adding a man to the mix might make things messy, so by all means take a break, Brit.

It also helps if you’re on a streak of bad relationships to take a break and figure out what’s gone wrong.  Time alone might sound like torture but in the end you get to pause, spend some time taking care of yourself, figure out where you went wrong, and reset.  You come out of those pauses emotionally refreshed and ready to meet a better quality of people, which is worth its weight in gold, trust me.



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