Anatomy Of A Perfect First Date


Anatomy Of A Perfect First Date
YourTango's Tom Miller and other relationship writers give Glamour first date dos and don'ts.

Which brings us to the next topic: what to wear and what not to wear for the first impression. Heels? Only if you're a pro at strolling in them. Sexy undergarments? Check. Clothing that could be mistaken for sexy undergarments? Maybe not. Likewise, do your Google research (I mean, you were going to anyway, right?) but leave some virtual stones unturned. It's easier to be interested in his recent African safari if you haven't already looked through all 465 pictures of it on Facebook.

Most importantly, be yourself. Well, be your most positive, relatively sober and non-neurotic self. Glamour's list suggests saving your penchant for psychoanalysis, Debbie-Downer-tendencies and sailor-worthy swearing for a later date and time... like your wedding night!