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Posh and Becks Try a Remote Relationship

Posh and Becks Try a Remote Relationship

Does Victoria Trust Her Man Alone in Milan?

According to the Daily Mail UK, international soccer star David Beckham has decided to take a contract with AC Milan for this winter while Victoria holds down the fort at home.  Evidently, the soccer star is determined not to uproot his family again and realizes his boys need to stay in school so Victoria “Posh Spice” will take care of things at home while he’s away.

Now, this might not sound like big news but let’s remember what happened just a few short years ago when the couple was separated while Becks played for Real Madrid in 2004.  Gossip reports went wild that Becks had an affair with his assistant, Jennifer Loos.  While Victoria is reportedly only concerned that David’s health might suffer trying to travel back and forth to see his family, one can’t help but think that the sexiest athlete in the world in the sexiest city in Europe can’t be a little cause for alarm.

Long distance relationships are hard enough without having to worry about being married to one of the most desirable men in the world.  It appears the Beckham’s relationship is pretty solid but these types of separations can have a toll on any couple who experiences them, as anyone who’s tried these types of relationships will attest.  I recommend lots of phone sex, Skype sex (on a secure connection, obviously), and a steady diet of quick notes to let someone know you’re thinking of them.  I’d recommend getting together for great sex but according to Victoria and the fact that they have three kids, I think they might have that one covered.



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