Comstock Films No On Proposition 8 Fundraiser

Comstock Films No On Proposition 8 Fundraiser

How porn may help defeat Proposition 8.

I know all of you are just aching for legitimate reason to purchase some porn. Well, there's no time like the present. Literally.

The good people at Comstock Films are mixing socially worthwhile causes with cum shots starting at midnight tonight (October 28th) and ending October 29th at 3am. The proceeds from any video you buy will go toward defeating California's Proposition 8. Proposition 8 aims to eliminate the rights of same sex couples to marry via a state constitutional amendment. Comstock Films did a similar fundraiser after Hurricane Katrina and managed to drum up $4,000 for the Red Cross. 

Assuming you're anti-Proposition 8 and equally anti-porn, take comfort in the fact that Comstock Films doesn't churn out your usual big boobs and gang bangs movies. Instead they create Erotic Documentaries, completely shattering the Debbie Does Dallas mold. Each film has a Woody Allen-esque Q and A period in the beginning where the two lov-ahs sit in front of the camera (fully clothed) and talk about how they met. They only use real couples, so it's actually sort of dorky and romantic.  

So after you listen to how Doug and Marie got pizza on their first date and fell in love at an Aerosmith concert, the camera cuts to a completely nude scene of the two having sex---but not in an icky way. It's graphic but also tender. The thinking man's porn. In their words:  "A cinematic exploration and celebration of the very human experience of sex."



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