Japanese Wedding Up In Smoke & Other Love News

Japanese Wedding Up In Smoke & Other Love News

Groom starts fire to avoid wedding, Indian police track delinquent husbands and fattest man marries.

Being a runaway bride has nothing on a Japanese groom's tactic for avoiding his nuptials: setting fire to the hotel where he was meant to marry later in the day.

Reuters reports that the 39-year-old groom, Tatsuhiko Kawata, told police he set fire to the hotel so he "wouldn't have to go through with the wedding." In an even juicier turn of events, Kawata is already married! Desperate times call for desperate measures indeed.

Like in the US, Japanese need to obtain marriage certificates at a city hall, so chances are Kawata and his fiancee planned to get this done post-wedding. The groom with the pyro penchant was arrested and no one was injured, not counting the abandoned bride's feelings, of course.

Besides facing arson charges, Kawata is lucky he didn't decide to split on an Indian wife. The police there have launched numerous international manhunts for runaway husbands who marry Indian women, perhaps to receive their dowry, and then flee the country.

A fleeing husband is one concern that Claudia Solis, new wife of the world's fattest man, probably doesn't have to worry about. After setting the Guiness World Record in 2006, the then-1200-lb Manuel Uribe lost 550 pounds for his wedding day last weekend but is still unable to get out of bed. He was brought to the ceremony in Mexico via flatbed truck. With the help of his new bride, Uribe, whose story is being turned into a Discovery Channel documentary, hopes to continue losing lbs, Perez Hilton reports.




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