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Lindsay Lohan Not Ruling Out Men

Lindsay Lohan Not Ruling Out Men

Samantha Ronson's girl will reportedly date a guy next.

Well, if you were looking for more definitive information in the is-she-or-isn’t-she category, Starpulse reports that “friend and celebrity insider” Jo Piazza has reported that Lindsay isn’t turning her back on men at all.  According to Piazza, "Linds has been adamant about the fact that she's not a lesbian and still loves men. In fact, Linds says Sam is the only girl she would go for."  According to another source in the post, if things go sour with Sam, Lindsay has said she would date a man next.

I wonder how Sam feels about this comment.  Even though Lindsay fell in love with Sam the person, this is a pretty high-profile relationship to reveal something like this.  It’s also starting to feel like there may be a break-up eminent with reports of Lindsay flirting with Chace Crawford and other reports of fighting, even though other reports she might be getting married to Sam.  I kind of feel for Sam Ronson in this whole thing, with the whole world watching her have a relationship with someone who might be keeping her options open.  Even though gossip is gossip, you have to pay attention to things like this because it sounds like an exit strategy to me.

We also have to remember, as I’ve stated before, that Lindsay is 22.  She’s exploring her sexuality and learning more about herself.  I’m not sure getting involved with someone who might be figuring things out for herself was the greatest idea, but whatever the case, it appears that Sam loves and supports Lindsay very much.  Only time will tell if Lindsay will return the favor.



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