How Not To Hit On A Model

How Not To Hit On A Model

Fashion week pick-up disasters.

You deserve a few laughs—it's Friday! Head over to and read a hilarious-yet-cringe-inducing post by Neel Shah, "How Not To Hit On Models: A Primer." Unless you're easily offended, that is. sent Radar magazine's Neel—who is, in fact, eye candy but nevertheless gets his posts tagged under "douchebag diary"—over to a Prada party to see how badly he could crash and burn at picking-up the lovelies. Here's a sample:

Lauren, Wilhelmina Models
Neel: So what agency are you with?
Lauren: Wilhelmina. [Turns away]
Neel: Aren't you gonna ask me what agency I'm with?
Lauren: [Turns head back, but doesn't say anything]
Neel: It's Goldman Sachs. You ever heard of it?
Lauren: Yes. Do you think I'm an idiot?
Neel: Do you want me to answer that?
Lauren: Who are you?
Neel: I think we're about done here.
Lauren: Yes. [Resumes talking with friend.]

Yikes. May your pick-ups this weekend end a little (er, a lot) better!


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