Picky People Can Find Love, Too

Fake personal ad on Craigslist reveals neurotics can find love.

Earlier this week, I wrote about a questionable Craigslist personal ad that a supposed "SWF "had posted, listing her highly specific requirements for a man.

Thankfully, the ad—calling for a man with such particular qualities as owning three to five North Face items—was fake. Boinkology created the listing to test how well a neurotically picky woman would fare in the online dating sea. Apparently, the response was surprisingly positive.

Of course there were the haters pointing out the ridiculous nature of the requirements, but there was also a plethora of respondents eager to match their own peccadilloes to those of this "foman" (faux woman). It's heartwarming to know that a woman like this—were she real—would still have suitors. Hey, if a ferret-loving single can find love, so can a crazy, wicker-loving lady, right?

Ultimately, let this serve as a cautionary tale of the potential downfalls that accompany the anonymity of online dating (not to mention the potential inaccuracy of reporting!). Someone who exudes chemistry on-screen could fall flat in person, or worse, could be not at all who he or she seems to be.