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Picky People Can Find Love, Too


Fake personal ad on Craigslist reveals neurotics can find love.

Earlier this week, I wrote about a questionable Craigslist personal ad that a supposed "SWF "had posted, listing her highly specific requirements for a man.

Thankfully, the ad—calling for a man with such particular qualities as owning three to five North Face items—was fake. Boinkology created the listing to test how well a neurotically picky woman would fare in the online dating sea. Apparently, the response was surprisingly positive.

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Of course there were the haters pointing out the ridiculous nature of the requirements, but there was also a plethora of respondents eager to match their own peccadilloes to those of this "foman" (faux woman). It's heartwarming to know that a woman like this—were she real—would still have suitors. Hey, if a ferret-loving single can find love, so can a crazy, wicker-loving lady, right?

Ultimately, let this serve as a cautionary tale of the potential downfalls that accompany the anonymity of online dating (not to mention the potential inaccuracy of reporting!). Someone who exudes chemistry on-screen could fall flat in person, or worse, could be not at all who he or she seems to be.

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