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Single Girl Wants A Super Bowl Spot

Single Girl Wants A Super Bowl Spot
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Buying advertising time during the Super Bowl for most-viewed personal ad ever.

A former New York advertising exec is raising money with the hope of buying ad time to promote her search for a husband during this season's Super Bowl.

Amy Borkowsky, who lists her age as "somewhere between Carrie and Samantha," is looking for Mr. Right, and what better way to reach a large pool of potential mates than during the XY's must-see televised event? She's been campaigning on her website hoping to raise approximately $3 million for the ad spot. Borkowsky has so far raised a mere thousand dollars and only a few open commercial slots remain, but the innovative singleton is hopeful an advertiser might like her cause and feature her in an ad if she's unable to buy one herself.

This isn't the first time Borkowsky's single status has been in the spotlight. She's released two CDs of voicemail recordings her mother's left her over the years; among inquiries into her dental health and reports about the weather, many of the messages are urging her to turn her "me" into a "we." According to Borkwosky's site, she isn't single for lack of trying. Yes, thank you, she's tried online dating but knocks it for the "warehouse mentality" that prevails among the online love-seeking community: "If there's one little thing not right about someone, everyone's so quick to just go back to the stockroom and pull out another item, so nobody ever really commits."

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Image courtesty of New York Post.



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