Benji Denies Cheating On Paris

Benji Denies Cheating On Paris

Benji is crushed by the cheating allegations.

Don't worry folks, Paris and Benji are still going strong. In case you actually believed the preposterous rumors that current beau Benji Madden of Good Charlotte was cheating on the heiress, you can take a deep breath and relax, because the power couple are quite sickeningly in love.

Perez Hilton (who is practically blood with the princess) reported the news today and also let us in on some sappy quotes from Benj. No wonder he's in Good Charlotte--this guy is definitely Emo.

When asked if he was cheating on Paris, Benji said, "Paris is the love of my life." He also finds the allegations to be, "hurtful, completely false, and absurd."

In case you weren't 100% sure that Benji didn't cheat on his main squeeze, and in case you doubted his luuurve for her, he continued to say, "Paris is my life, my heart and my soul." And here comes the finale: "No one exists but her."

Well, I know I can now sleep soundly tonight. But, is it me, or does anyone else think Benji's words sound a little forced, or maybe even a little plastic like Ms. Hilton's face? The repetitive emotion could be his own way of convincing himself that he didn't cheat! Phew, that was a mouthful. Well, we think the odds are in Paris' favor. We took a look at a long list of her ex-boyfriends, and it's clear that this chick won't have a problem snagging a new dude. Hopefully she'll decide to date Fred Durst again. That guy could sure use a good comeback.



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