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Morning News Feed: Thursday, October 23


Sexless marriages, work-spouses and a 99-year old virgin who is looking for love.

Your daily round-up of sex, dating, love and relationship news.

Having a "work-spouse" is good! spouse.relationship.2.846203.html" mce_href="" target="_blank">

The environmental case against long-distance relationships. (Now you've got a great excuse to break up.) Slate.

In a sexless marriage? You're not alone. Times Online.

Ten first-college-breakup commandments. Nerve.

A mash-up of Google Maps and Craigslist casual encounters lets you see who wants random booty near you. Boinkology.

John McCain & Viagra: I wanted to be erected! Bust.

Tired of boring dates like dinner and a movie? How about stock car racing, or a pottery class?

Having  kid with ADHD increases your risk of divorce. Psych Central News.

Aunty Cathy, a 99-year-old woman, has never had sex or been in love, but she's single and looking.

In a relationship, sex gets boring. Even the experts say so! AlterNet.


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