Alyson Hanigan Is Pregnant and A Smug Married

Alyson Hanigan Is Pregnant and A Smug Married

The CBS star talks about married life and babies in Us Magazine

Us Magazine reports that Alyson Hanigan and her husband, actor Alexis Denisof, are expecting this spring.  The star of “How I Met Your Mother” and everyone’s favorite flute-playing band geek from “American Pie” met her husband on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in the 1999-2000 season and they married in 2003.  That’s great.  Congrats, Alyson.

Now for the “smug married” portion of her comments - Alyson went on to comment about being married to the right guy by saying, “Married life is the way to go.  I look back to when I was single and what was I thinking? I was so stupid with the guys that I dated. It’s just ridiculous. Obviously, I’ve matured and I’m a lot older and wiser but I should have just never dated anybody until I met Alexis. It’s just wonderful. It’s fantastic and I love it. It really fits me.” 

Hmm. Well, as happy as I am that she happy in her married life, I hate comments like this.  But it’s these types of comments that single women have to endure from married women all the time. Obviously all of us have made poor decisions in our choice of mate - married, single, divorced or otherwise.   Alyson, I think it’s sad you think all the knowledge you gleaned by spending time with those “ridiculous” people you dated didn’t make you ready for the right guy when he finally got there.  The comment that she should never have dated anyone until she met her husband is ridiculous.  If you obviously matured from the experience of dating different people, that would have made you not mature enough to recognize your fabulous man earlier than when you met him, right?  Smooth comment. 

Look, I might be stating the obvious here but for those of you who are out there and single, realize that every person you meet teaches you something more about yourself so you can be ready when the right person gets there…or, if you choose to remain single and never get married, that is perfectly ok too.  Just do what is best for you and be happy.  Life is hard enough without people trying to make you feel badly about being single.  Just do your thing.


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