The Upside of Dating A Manorexic

The Upside of Dating A Manorexic
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Can dating crazy men be good for you? The Frisky says yes!

We already tried to warn you about 10 men to run from—not after, but what's dating without an occasional side of crazy?

If you've recently found yourself in this situation, check out these tips for looking on the bright side of dating six types of issue-laden men. Thanks to the Frisky crew that compiled the list because what's better than tongue-in-cheek optimism on a Monday?

A woman with experience dating a manorexic, for example, might be wont to wax on about how insecure he made her feel or the waning sexual attraction she felt after discovering his food journal. But, did you ever think of what good motivation dating a skinny mini could be? Nope, neither did we. If he's getting up to hit the gym every morning, maybe you will, too. But, as The Frisky warns, "Just be sure to quit him when you hit your goal weight. You wouldn’t actually want to catch anorexia."

Likewise, Borderline Personality Disorder Boys are fun, if nothing else. And narcissists? Well, they're so intolerable they make other men look better than ever.

These tips ring true particularly for those women who are borderline themselves. Borderline fed-up with dating, that is. It takes a hefty effort to stay positive when, say, you discover your boyfriend is cheating on you with prostitutes or a date makes you physically ill. A sense of humor and remembering the cliché advice that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger both help. And, when in doubt, learn how to ditch a bad date. Not all crazies are good for you.


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