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The Weekend Gossip Catch Up


Spears, Lance, McGreevey, and Buble were all busy.

Here's some celebrity news that you may not have heard and may be totally untrue for your Saturday viewing pleasure:

Juno Lynn Spears did not send Bristol Palin a gift. National teen pregnancy crisis averted, whew:
Per E!Online.

Jamie Lynn is probably not involved in a bitter custody battle with Casey Aldridge but Star Magazine has been told they are.

And finally, Britney's little sister has supposedly tossed out old dude and called off the wedding per the forthright National Enquirer but through We suppose it's possible, but plausible? Eh?

Sometimes, Lance Armstrong is too tired for sex but totally rocks at it when he does it. Ask anyone. The bicycle seat thing is a total fallacy. We thinks the champion doth protest too much. Per Hollyscoop.

Dina Matos is totally over the divorce with Jim McGreevey and is willing to let the whole fraud-due-to-gayness thing drop for another $100K. Per the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Michael Buble is finally cool with being single after his breakup with Emily Blunt. Ladies, prepare to be crooned. Per the Post Chronicle.

Bon Weekend!


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