Lost Until I Found Jew: Online Dating at JDate


Lost Until I Found Jew: Online Dating at JDate
JDate Review: Why an online dating site aimed at Jews has interfaith appeal.

If the rates seem steep,and you can wait until Chanukah, twenty-two percent of JDaters report accepting their membership as a gift from their mother. [Insert overbearing Jewish-mother joke here]. Otherwise, a Newsweek article recently reported the growing rate of synagogue-sponsored subscriptions, paid for by local rabbis. What a mitzvah[18]!

Yiddish Notes: [1]Crazy people; [2]Decent or honorable man; [3]Complaining; [4]Person you are meant to be with; [5]Blessing; [6]Long story; [7]Snack; [8]Experiment, play around with; [9]Trinkets; [10]Thing, routine; [11]Drag yourself; [12]Grandmother; [13]Don't worry about it. [14]Oy. [15]Socializing; [16]Necessary; [17]Garbage, anything of little value; [18]Good deed.


If you're sick of meeting meshuganas[1] online and you're ready to find a real mensch[2], then JDate.com wants you to stop kvetshing[3] and join their international online dating community of over 650,000 Jewish (and many non-Jewish) singles. While JDate was created in 1997 to help Jews find their besherts[4], singles of every faith are finding JDate to be a real brocheh[5]. Whether non-Jews are impressed by JDate success stories or just freakishly preoccupied with dating Jews, they can join by indicating "Willing to convert" or "Unaffiliated" from 14 religious-background options (ranging from traditional to Hassidic) displayed on each profile. It's not uncommon to find out upon meeting that you're date isn't Jewish, since disclosure can be easily avoided online.

Otherwise, JDate profiles tend to be thorough enough to render most first-date conversation obsolete. Four tabs organize the whole megillah[6], from favorite noshes[7] (and whether they're kosher) to your ideal relationship and an open-ended "About me."

It takes some serious mouse time to potchki[8] with the site's tchatzkahs[9]—and there are many—but JDate's services and features make the time worthwhile. Even if online dating isn't your schtick[10], JDate sponsors trips (such as a JDate cruise to Bermuda) and events in every city, including speed dating (so you won't have to schlep[11] to individual dates) and a "Party Now, Repent Later" theme party, coming soon to NYC.

The site also offers JMag, an online dating magazine with limited public relations BS stories, save the successful JDate-made couples section. Dr. Ruth's advice column stands-in for the Bubbie[12] you never had, and articles such as "How to Let the Love Flow with Feng Shui" are creative and well-written. There are also original celebrity interviews, and we're talking Jeremy Pivin caliber—not Rabbi so-and-so's niece cast as Tzeitel's understudy in an off-Broadway revival of Fiddler on the Roof[13].

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