A Princess Bride

A Princess Bride

How long should "waity Katie" Middleton hold out for Prince William?

The Democratic or Republican National Conventions have nothing on royal weddings when it comes to pomp, circumstance and football fields of lace. And we mean football fields of lace in the David Beckham sense of the sport, since the only royal weddings people care about are the ones in our rainy neighbor to the east, Britain.

The 100-lb. weight—excuse me, 100-kilo. weight!—to satisfy the public's bloodlust for a big froofy wedding falls squarely on the shoulders of Prince William, heir to the British throne. Unsurprisingly, the London Daily Mail reports his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, has earned the name "Waity Katie" for her willingness to wait until he proposes. I quote:

"...senior royal sources said Miss Middleton's willingness to 'sit around and wait for William to click his fingers' could be having a detrimental effect on the monarchy."

Oh, poppycock! Rushing into marriage (cough, cough Bristol Palin) would have a far more detrimental effect on the monarchy (cough, cough Princess Diana) -- not to mention these young lovebirds' personal lives. Take your sweet time, kids! Marriage is not the be-all, end-all of a relationship. Why, in 2008, do we still act like it is?

Hmm, perhaps anxious royal-watchers should check out Tango's article, "7 Ways to Tell if He Plans to Marry You"!


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