"The Ex List" Cast Talks Relationships


"The Ex List" Cast Talks Relationships
Elizabeth Reaser looks for true love among her exes on "The Ex List."

While he has "a beautiful girlfriend" and is "not digging any exes up," Rothenberg thinks "the ex search is a primal drive in all people. You go through the heat of a relationship and then you go through the doldrums of it and break up. And on that lonely night when you're ordering take-out you fantasize and you wonder how that went wrong and the heat builds up and you reconnect. In my experience it's been a Cliff Notes of why everything didn't work out in the first place. You realize why you broke up," he points out. "Instincts are always right. If they're an ex, there's a reason."

Breckenridge, 26, last seen as reporter Willa on Dirt, agrees—she says she'd never date an ex. "Once they're out, I've washed my hands. Usually there's a reason why they're exes, and I think that's kind of what happens with Bella. It's like walking into a glass door again. Usually you see it unless you're a complete moron. But that's what makes comedy."


All the Ex List women have movies coming up. Boston will appear in the romantic comedies Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (with Matthew Mcconaughey and Jennifer Garner) and 500 Days of Summer (with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Breckenridge stars in the Blair Underwood-directed indie film Bridge to Nowhere, playing a crack whore. And Reaser is in the cast of one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, Twilight, as Esme Cullen. "I am a vampire, but a nice vampire," she says of the character. She'll also star with Joseph Fiennes, Mary Tyler Moore and good friend Justin Kirk in the indie Against the Current.

But she's just as thrilled about her TV series. "I can't believe that I'm getting to do this every week," Reaser raves. "TV is good to women and this show in particular where I'm not solving any crimes, I'm not treating anyone – I just get to fall in love and have fun with my friends."

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