"The Ex List" Cast Talks Relationships


"The Ex List" Cast Talks Relationships
Elizabeth Reaser looks for true love among her exes on "The Ex List."

She admits to reconnecting with a few exes, "but not in a long time. I've tried. I pretty much adore all my exes. I've been really lucky. I would like to try and stay friends with them if I can." Bella's most recent ex boyfriend, a hunky commitment-phobe named Elliott (Mark Deklin), is still in the picture since they share a dog named Rufus. He'll be a recurring character. "It's a complicated relationship that Bella isn't over at all," Reaser reflects.

The Ex List also explores Bella's non-romantic relationships with friends and family.


There's her sister Daphne (Rachel Boston), who's planning her wedding, her male BFF of 15 years Augie (Adam Rothenberg), and Augie's girlfriend Vivian (Alexandra Breckenridge).

Reaser, the middle of two sisters she calls her best friends, loves being able to portray the sibling relationship on TV, and so does former American Dreams star Boston. "It's two women who aren't ruled by love but are looking for love and taking different paths--married life and single life, but they're sticking together no matter what," says the single actress, 26. "I grew up in a small town in Tennessee so all the friends I grew up with are married. I'm so supportive and happy for them. I just feel like I'm on a different path."

Augie is not one of Bella's exes, but Reaser is glad that he—and Rothenberg—are around. "It's a complicated relationship. He's her best friend and they obviously love and adore each other and have some kind of chemistry. Maybe they have some history that was never acted upon," she muses, noting that Rothenberg "is an old friend of mine from New York. I adore him and he's a brilliant actor."

Rothenberg, who moved west to the show's Ocean Beach, California location when he was cast, is similarly intrigued by the platonic relationship. "I love the element of a man and a woman being friends and having that be the beginning and the end of the story," he says.

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