Going Braless: Yay or Nay?

Going Braless: Yay or Nay?

When it comes to going braless, my boyfriend and I have decidedly different takes.

Today Lemondrop brings us word of another bra-related fashion trend: going braless. Erin, writing for Lemondrop, brings up the point, ahem, that when your breasts get cold your nipples get hard, and "while having your nips in salute mode may be considered flirtatious in some corners, I prefer to leave my headlights off, thank you very much."

This is indeed a problem for those of us with, shall we say, strong nipples. This Love Buzzer frequently goes braless, which is made easier by my modest breasts. However I've found that my boyfriend does not appreciate my freedom the way I do.

In his eyes going braless is almost equivalent to going shirtless: if people can see the shape of your breasts and the outline of your nipples they might as well be seeing your bare chest, he reasons. And he doesn’t want anyone else seeing my breasts. He repeated this idea over and over this summer, so much that I actually became self-conscious about not wearing a bra!

Erin tested out two remedies for those of us who want to go forgo the bra and still retain the mystery of our nipple shape. First she tries Low Beams nipple shields, which, surprisingly, work well for her. Band-aids, not so much. Perhaps I should just drink coffee until I don't need a bra at all...

Ladies, what do you think of a) not wearing a bra, and b) modifying what you wear to fit your partner's modesty requirements?     


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