Kate Hudson On Divorce, Type, Et Al


kate hudson
Does Kate Hudson have a feud? A roommate? A type? Or a lawsuit?

And finally, you know how stars almost always look really nice? And not nice like sympathetic but nice like attractive. It turns out that's by design and hard damned work. So Kate Hudson decided to create a line of hair care products… for the people. The secret ingredient? Volcanic ash. Some company (220 Laboratories Inc.) wasn't happy that the ingredient that the confidentially shared with Hudson and crew was not kept secret and are suing per Fox News.

That's it. Believe what you want to. But we think Kate Hudson lives with her ex, has a kid named Rider, stars in romantic comedies, likes a variety of famous men, knows who Anne Hathaway is, and has a line of hair care products that contain, unbelievably, volcanic ash. Good day.