Bromance To Be Exploited By Callous TV Executives


Bromance To Be Exploited By Callous TV Executives
MTV is giving Brody Jenner a chance to ruin the sacred art of male bonding.

Pop culture's best-known bromance is probably between JD and Turk from now Scrubs, now on ABC. Though their man-love sometimes borders on homoerotic, their friendship is pretty well fleshed out in the episode called "Guy Love." Arguably, the top bro out there is How I Met Your Mother's Barney Stinson. While Barney's brohavior is a bit more about the trappings of bromance rather than the bromantic idealism. Towards the end of last season, Barney (played masterfully by Neil Patrick Harris) is forced to find a new bro after a falling out with Ted. Barney makes a huge mistake by trying to just conjure up a new best bro, his knowledge of the bro code should have taught him that it was a fool's errand for even an old pro bro such as himself.

That being said, what chance does any guy stand of finding a best friend that will laugh at Caddy Shack quotes, sometimes wrestle after coming home from the bar, and not mind too much if you pee on his rug? I understand that MTV really has a clever title because Jenner's first name begins with a B-R-O, but choosing your best buddy through a reality show isn't a bromance at all, it's a brah-quaintance at best.

(Quick Note: I have never watched The Hills or it's predecessor Laguna Beach. Where's the upside? If I watch it and hate it, then it's a waste of half an hour. And if I like it, then I've got to reevaluate about my life and how I spend my time).

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