Sarah Palin Affair Alleged


Sarah Palin Affair Alleged
The National Enquirer thinks she did.

On to Broken Water-Gate (clever sons of bitches). So, Sarah Palin's water broke while she was carrying her youngest son during a speech. She then flew 3,000 miles from Texas to Alaska. We're not doctors here at The Dish, but that seems like a pretty bad idea. Her son Trig, whom we assumed was named after that sweet math that is equal parts geometry and algebra, was screened and found to have Down Syndrome. This makes this flight possibly even riskier. Gambling911 (yes, we're stretching for sources) says that Alaska Airlines specifically has a policy against traveling with a broken amniotic sac. They also list McCain as a +165 to win the presidency (meaning you would win $155 on a $100 bet if he wins, the house takes $10).

And the last conspiracy. Some people think Trig may actually be the child of 1 of her other children and that Broken Water-Gate is merely some slight of hand. Some people think that the relatively newborn could be either Bristol Palin's son or Willow Palin's daughter. Willow is 14 and most likely named after the eponymous character in that 1988 Val Kilmer film. This seems like the least likely of the Palin rumors and it's frankly feels a little ridiculous to even type.


People claim that the McCain camp didn't do a proper enough job of vetting Sarah Palin before nominating her. But we think that any Alaskan would admit that there is not a lot to do up there. Having sex, playing hockey, and stirring up scandal are par for the course (per the Russell Crowe movie Mystery, Alaska). Palin also has 2 other kids; Track, 19, and Piper, 5, whom we assume are named after the thing a racecar drives around and the easy-to-operate brand of personal aircraft, respectively.

It's a shame that NBC decided to wait until the 13th of September to start the new season of Saturday Night Live. They couldn't write material this good. Maybe they have another kid that no one knows about named Duck (after the tape) and it's revealed that her husband was a go-between for Oliver North and the Nicaraguan Contras. Darrell Hammond could even come in and give his signature Bill Clinton "I like you're style, Sarah Palin" thumbs up.

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