Sarah Palin Affair Alleged


Sarah Palin Affair Alleged
The National Enquirer thinks she did.

Sarah Palin’s FamilyGroan. The National Enquirer is at it again. They've alleged that Sarah Palin, hockey mom, governor of Alaska, soon-to-be mother in-law to a teenager, and GOP vice presidential candidate had an affair. "What else can go wrong with this crazy family?" is a natural reaction. But after the National Enquirer chased down Johnny Hairdo's (John Edwards) mistress they started gaining a bit of credibility. Words we never thought we'd mention, but what can you do? It's like after the wolf eats a few sheep you almost have to start listening when the shepherd cries "aye de mi, un lobo." They say that she had an affair with her husband Todd Palin's business partner.

At any rate, CBS News is reporting that the McCain camp is threatening suit against the Enquirer, who appear unready to back down. They released this quote (midway down) to the Huffington Post. Yowzer, indeed-y.


The National Enquirer had another big story today alleging that Sarah Palin instructed her 17 year-old daughter Bristol Palin to marry "sex on skates" Levi Johnston before the story broke. Presumably, Bristol is named after the Connecticut home of ESPN but possibly after another Bristol in some other part of the Earth.

And then there's Trooper Gate (2). So, supposedly Sarah Palin implored Public Safety Commissioner of Alaska, Walt Monegan, to can her outgoing brother in-law Mike Wooten. The Washington Post reports that the ongoing investigation has unleashed quite a few details of the Palin family that they likely wanted to keep private. Monegan for his part has said the family has only asked him about Trooper Wooten and never directly instructed him to fire the divorcer of Sarah Palin's sister. But… Walt Monegan was released from his position as state police honcho though Governor Palin explained that away with the need for Monegan to serve as boss of the Alaska's alcohol board. PS: Mike Wooten did admit to tasering his 10 year-old stepson by request, "Do tase me, bro."

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