Guy Ritchie Don't Need Your Money, Maybe


Guy Ritchie Don't Need Your Money, Maybe
Madonna and Guy Ritchie gird up for a fun, fun divorce.

And the hits keep coming. Entertainmentwise is reporting that Madonna has called Guy Ritchie 'emotionally retarded.' We wonder if the same people that protested Tropic Thunder because of Simple Jack are going to start picketing the Sticky and Sweet tour? We do know 1 thing, if you're making a conscious choice, never go full emotional retard. Audiences (as well as girlfriends and wives) cannot relate to that and you will never win husband of the year (and the coffee mug that the award entails).

But Guy Ritchie, for his part, says that the fun and 'laughs' had left the relationship, per Female First. So, what does this all mean to anyone? Probably not the end of civilization. But we'll probably get a breakup-inspired album from Madonna. And Guy Ritchie will probably start to date Selma Hayek or Uma Thurman or something RockNRolla like that, maybe make a movie with Sean Penn. It's OK to be nervous about the future. Sometimes we get scared too. We suppose you can take comfort in the fact that you can probably keep checking back in for updates and rest easy that the world will probably not end because of this (don't be too surprised if it does though).

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