A Very Paris Hilton Update


A Very Paris Hilton Update
The celebutante's been mixing it up with Prince Harry, a new BFF, and Benji.

Evidently, the celebutante has vacillated between her fancy for each Prince. While it would be pretty sweet to be in line for the queen's chair but it seems like Harry has a lot more fun, despite shipping out to Afghanistan that time. The chance of either going down is pretty slim but royal bedpost notch is pretty impressive.

No, Benji, no. According to Digital Spy, Paris Hilton is wearing a ring on her left ring finger but is not engaged to be married to boyf Benji Madden. Old girl says the 2 of them are dating but not ready to marry. Not to make everyone feel old and older, but the Good Charlatan (we're not sure what you call someone from Charlotte) and Paris Hilton have been dating since February. That has got to be some kind of person record for her. Maybe she's just caught in, ugh, Good Charlotte's web. Sorry.

*Note: Slate may have been talking about the guy who designed the Campbells Soup can.

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