A Very Paris Hilton Update


A Very Paris Hilton Update
The celebutante's been mixing it up with Prince Harry, a new BFF, and Benji.

It's been a while since Paris Hilton has made it into the Dish (or gotten any Celebrity Love), so we figured we'd check in on the no-longer-to-receive-anything hotel heiress. If memory serves, when last we saw Paris Hilton, she was not planning a double wedding featuring the Madden Bros and former BFF Nicole Richie. Shortly thereafter we found out that that there was a virgin vying to be her new BFF. Good times.



Speaking of becoming Paris' BFF, Slate has an essay by Troy Patterson about her reality best bud search My New BFF. In the essay, the concept is referred to as 'Warhol-esque' which must be reference to the rock group The Dandy Warhols*. Because they're, you know, hot right now. Despite a clear and present disdain for 'celebrityism,' the essay is actually fairly complimentary of the program inasmuch as it’s challenges and contestants are perfect empty celebrity. Sounds like someone is bucking for an invite to Brody Jenner's Bromance.

Moving on. It's fairly clear that Paris Hilton fancies herself a princess (her grampy and 'lil bro share the name Barron for Pete's sake). But, in the eyes or real royalty, she is but a trifling member of the nouveau riche named after the most overrated city in Western Europe (narrowly edging out Florence, which is a name we'd like to hear more). Blair Waldorf learned this lesson the hard way when she courted (or whatever the female version of the full-court press is) with Lord Marcus (not that we watch that show). At any rate, The London Paper reports that PH was in Merry Olde recently. She witnessed a dust up between Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy and then shook what her mama gave her (or bought her) for Prince William.

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