Sex on the Beach Leads to Trial

Sex on the Beach Leads to Trial

Dubai vacationers in hot water for sexy romp.

Don't drink the water, don't smuggle drugs in or out - and don't have sex in public? Will that be the new advice given to vacationers on how to stay out of trouble on holiday?

Too late for one couple: two Brits are currently on trial in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for allegations they shagged on the beach despite strict Emerati rules against "sex outside of marriage" and "public indecency." The pair faces up to two years in prison for their romp!

The female half of the couple, who lives in Dubai, told police that she and her hot tourist hookup were originally just kissing and hugging on the beach. The couple's lawyer even said a medical examination conducted after the arrest proved the couple hadn't copulated. (Damn, can you imagine having a medical examination to "verify" whether or not you had sex?) No matter - public displays of affection such as kissing, hugging and touching are illegal in Dubai, even for married couples.

Should the Brits have respected the UAE's strict rules or is their drunken hookup perfectly understandable? Tell us in the comments section below.


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