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Morning News Feed: Friday, Oct 17


Morning News Feed: Friday, Oct 17
Utero-woman, office romance and marriage in the sky.

Your daily round-up of love, sex, dating and relationship news and links.

Love adventure? Try marriage in the sky, where you get married on a platform and bungee jump with your new spouse immediately after the ceremony. (includes pictures).

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Office romance is so mainstream now that less than 5% of HR professionals think it's bad.

All those charity donations could have a positive side-effect: altruism makes you sexually attractive, according to a new study. Science Daily.

The difference between sexual desire and romantic love, discussed. Cognitive Daily.

Is he boyfriend material? Sometimes straight men have sex with other straight men. Psychology Today.

Need a Halloween costume? How about Utero-woman? Bust.

Can a cheater be reformed? The Frisky.

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A new study says uncircumcised guys are better in bed. Scanner.

If your guy's foreskin is gone, maybe you need to know how to shop for a vvibrator. iVillage.

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