Morning News Feed: Thurs, Oct 16


Morning News Feed: Thurs, Oct 16
South Korean sex spy sentenced, redheaded college students love threesomes.

Politics is causing strife in the relationships of Ohio State college students. The Lantern.

The redheads aren't having relationship troubles though, because thy just want to have sex. OkCupid polled 10,000 college students and found some important statistics: redheads are more likely to be confident in bed and want a threesome than blondes or brunettes. (Although our Managing Editor swears she's never seen a redhead on the Girls Gone Wild commercials.) MaketWatch.


Are arranged marraiges making a comeback? One author argues that love marriages are overrated. Times Online.

Asian-Americans in California oppose gay marriage. Random? SFGate.

The fundamentals of Madonna's marriage are strong. The Huffington Post.

Here's a good narrative of female sexual response: initial response (a warm feeling), excitement, plateau, climax, resolution. The Star Online.

More news about the Dubai sex on the beach couple. Apparently it exposes the cultural divide between native Muslims and tourists seeing a Vegas-like release. AP.

Plus, they've been sentenced to three months in jail. Times Online.

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