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Morning News Feed: Weds, Oct 15


Morning News Feed: Weds, Oct 15
Halloween weddings and a wife for the man who lives with wolves.

Nine soul mate myths that will screw up your life.Ask Dan and Jennifer.


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How to talk to your kids about sex. Dr. Petra Boynton.

A NY-based talk show wants open-minded men to set up on a date. Reality Wanted.

One open-minded woman encouraged her husband to get a "happy ending" massage. When he finally did, in Asia, he called his wife to tell her about the full service and they "laughed for 60 seconds straight." Momlogic.

Seventy percent of British women in a study report relationship happiness as one of the strongest influences in weight gain or loss. Daily Mail.

If your man is overly grumpy but reluctant to deal with his symptoms, he might have Irritable Male Syndrome. Have him take the IMS quiz to find out what's really eating at him. The Irritable Male.

Oral sex linked to cancer. ABC News.

The first year of marriage can be tough, especially when your fiance is "The Wolfman" Shaun Ellis. He lives with wolves, literally, and his fiancee is just taking to her new habitat. Animal Planet reality series about their lives starts next Tuesday. Futon Critic.

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Martin Luther King Jr's children are in a legal battle over the love letters he wrote to their mother, Coretta. Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Teen girl sentenced to 10 years in prison after setting fire to another teen over a dispute about a boy. Reuters.

On a positive note, Halloween weddings are in! Get some "boo" with your "I do." Wedding Examiner.

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