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Morning News Feed: Monday, Oct 13


Morning News Feed: Monday, Oct 13
Spiritual divorce and the Emergency Relationship Stabilization Act of 2008.

Australian online dating site Dating Down Under is offering safety tips to internet love-seekers. Don't invite HotGuy39 to your house without first meeting him in a public place!


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But when you do invite him over, use protection! Gay men are increasingly having unprotected sex. Straight ladies, this is relevant to you because some of those dudes have sex with women, too.

If you find out he's been going bareback with someone else, you may want to breakupThe Standard has a good list of ridiculous breakup lines. (You want to regain your virginity?)

Breaking up doesn't have to be painful. If you're married, a "spiritual divorce" can actually improve your life. Beliefnet.

If you're not into spirituality, check out the non-religious argument against gay marriage: marriage is for procreation, without outside intervention only heterosexual couples can make babies and children need to be raised by a man and a woman.  The New York Times.

And parents, both straights and gays, should teach their adolescents about healthy relationships if they want to prevent teen pregnancy.

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Part of a healthy relationship is knowing when to end it--lots of people are stuck in dead-end unions. Do we need government intervention? Perhaps the Emergency Relationship Stabilization Act of 2008?

No matter how unhealthy your relationship is, remember, as this sagacious headline admonishes, "Killing Your Spouse is No Alternative to Divorce."

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