Morning News Feed: Thurs, Oct 9


Morning News Feed: Thurs, Oct 9
Celebrity stalkers and outdoor sex.

Speaking of marriage, when talking to their daughters moms think discussing money is more important than discussion marriage, according to a new study, . Market Watch.

If moms aren't discussing relationships, they may not know that their spawn might be in a long-distance relationship: 4.4 million college students are involved in LDRs.  The Round Up Online.


And speaking of LDRs, eighty percent of celebrity stalkers are psychotic, according to a new study. Regular, non-celeb stalkers are usually jilted lovers, and only 20% of them suffer mental illness. Thaindian News.

But consider working on the relationship before you try stalking. If you live in the twin cities you can take a relationship-improvement class.

If you've taken the class and things still aren't working out, well, be careful what you do with your anger: A man shot a woman in the crotch after she refused to give him a blow job. The Austrailian.

For some people, though, things are working out a little too well: Libidinous British expats are heating up the streets, beaches and pubs of Dubai, coloring the British reputation and angering city residents. ABC News.

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