Morning News Feed: Thurs, Oct 9


Morning News Feed: Thurs, Oct 9
Celebrity stalkers and outdoor sex.

Your daily round-up of love, sex, dating and relationship news.

Stop worrying about your boyfriend's obsession with supermodels: seeing Giselle Bundchen's body in a g-string is not as stimulating as you might think.  The New York Times.


Can't stop fretting? Too bad; unlike Giselle's body, relationships cannot be perfect.  The Times Online.

Still obsessed with perfection? Good news: a new computer program that alters people's faces to confirm to popular beauty standards doesn't always make people more attractive. The New York Times. Really cool slideshow here.

Now that you're at peace with your quirky facial structure and non-perfect relationship, it's time to celebrate with other non-conformists. An Indian state is pushing to legalize the rights of the unmarried wives in polygamist families and other women (including the "other woman") who live with a man but are not married to him. The Times of India.

But, alas, rights for non-mainstreamers aren't supported everywhere: a new poll shows that Florida will likely pass a ban on gay marriage.  The Miami Herald.

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