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Mariah in Bed With a Model on Video


Mariah in Bed With a Model on Video
Nick Cannon struggles to direct wife Mariah's pretend sex scenes.

We're willing to wager that nine times out of ten, you couldn't pay a person to walk in on their spouse in bed with another person. For rapper/actor Nick Cannon and wife Mariah Carey, it's a whole different story.

While directing Mariah's newest video which includes a love scene with a man other than her husband, Cannon reportedly "struggled" Who can blame him?

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Cannon should take the blame for his failure to anticipate the trauma of watching his partner pretend to do the dirty with a model while making the promo for "I Stay In Love". Er, what exactly did he expect?

Cannon says: "We did it in, like, one take and I had to kick the dude out. It was one of those situations where I wasn't intimidated but I could've knocked him out at any point. He was playing, like, a fictional character, but I could have done without it."

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Wonder if Cannon squirmed on set as much as he did on MTV News when he was asked about his relationship with Mariah less than a month before he and Mariah were secretly married?

Hm. Anyway, Cannon loved working with his wife on the video: "We had no beef at all," he says. No kidding…

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