Gay Wedding Cards Banned

Gay Wedding Cards Banned

Seven Hallmark stores in Idaho will not carry same-sex marriage cards.

marriage Hallmark cards" alt="idaho stores ban gay marriage Hallmark cards" hspace="10" align="left" vspace="5" src="" />An Idaho family that owns a chain of seven Hallmark stores in the state will not carry the company's new line of gay-friendly greeting cards.

The cards, which feature images such as figures in tuxedos holding hands and rows of rainbow-colored hearts, contain neutral language inside that could apply to commitment ceremonies, or gay or straight marriage.

One conservative group in the state is organizing members to call and voice objections to the Hallmark stores that have chosen to carry the cards. A press release from the organization's president justifies its stance against the paper cards because "63% of Idahoans rejected homosexual marriage at the ballot box in 2006."

In a world where famine, disease and war challenge innocent lives daily, taking a stand against individuals who choose to publicly profess love and commitment to each other seems to me to come from the smallest of minds.

One commenter on Current wrote that perhaps the Idaho stores are not carrying the cards because there's no relevant market for them. Right, just like there are "no homosexuals in Iran."


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