Update: The 36-Year-Old Virgin

Update: The 36-Year-Old Virgin

Our friend prepares for a life of sexuality. First step? A makeover.

Today Love Buzz checks in on the thirty-six-year-old virgin who's been blogging on BlogHer. When we last reported, Always Beginning the World (perfect name, by the way) had learned that she is able to have sex, despite having been told by a doctor that she never would. She had met a man she liked, and had decided that she would stop cutting herself off from the world and try to become a sexual, sensual being.

The next series of posts describe what Always Beginning The World is doing to prepare herself for a sexually active life. She's trying to open herself to new experiences, albeit ones that are pretty normal for the rest of us.

To help with her psychological transformation ABTW changes her physical appearance as well, starting with makeup, a manicure, dye-job and a bikini wax. "I had decided that since I was trying to think differently about the functionality and options for that specific area, that it might help me if it looked different as well; sort of a visual signal of the change that had taken place."

It's incredibly interesting, her preparation to go from non-sexual to sexual being. Growing up surrounded by sexualized images we're taught that women are sexual beings, and we measure our appearance based on sexual standards. But ABTW hasn't used that measuring stick, until now. As part of her project she's taking monthly pictures of herself to document the changes.

Right now she's waiting for her trip to Italy, to visit Lo. Check out her posts at BlogHer.


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