Jen and John Back On?

Jen and John Back On?
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Jen and John caught locking lips.

Ut-oh, here we go again. The National Enquirer is reporting that paparazzi-pal John Mayer and rom-com queen Jennifer Aniston are back on. After a very bizarre and public breakup (remember when Mayer was spotted with a bunch of groupies in a hot tub and only a short time later spilled the beans about the split to what seemed like every gossip mag on newsstands?) the two were apparently together yesterday at LAX, smooching their little butts off. The Superficial claims that they arrived together from New York. So I guess they didn't just happen to bump into each other at LAX, but instead were spending some quality traveling time together. I wonder if they joined the mile high club?

Star seems to believe that they were indeed cozying up together in the big apple. In fact, the rag is reporting that Jen was persuaded by a handful of romantic, poetic emails from John that convinced her to give him a second shot. We're wondering when Mayer will decide to leak the emails out to the media in order to prove how much of a sap he really is. It's probably only a matter of days. I, for one, am on the edge of my seat. Heck, maybe he'll even turn one of the emails into a song. Does anyone else smell a sequel to "Your Body Is A Wonderland"? Anyone? Okay, maybe that's just wishful thinking.

The pair called it quits in late August after a 3 1/2 month stint, but if the rumors of a reconciliation are true, hopefully they will be together, in the public eye, for much longer.


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