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Levi Johnston Explains "Bristol" Tattoo


All the things you were dying to know about this self-proclaimed "f---ing redneck."

Levi Johnston, a.k.a. Mr. Bristol Palin, finally opened up to the Associated Press about all the things you were dying to know about this self-proclaimed "f---ing redneck."  The 18-year-old recently dropped out of high school, his baby's going to be a boy, and he likes to hunt sheep!

The most surprising claim of Johnston's --  or "Sex on Skates" as he is known over at New York magazine's blog -- is that he and Bristol intended to marry all along.  This ain't no shotgun wedding!  The teenagers have dated since freshman year of high school, he told the AP, and always intended to wed.  "We were planning on getting married a long time ago, with or without the kid," he said.  "That was the plan from the start."

 In fact, Bristol gifted her heartthrob with a "promise ring" -- which I thought were given from fathers to their daughters in honor of a promise to stay a virgin until marriage, but apparently they're also used as engaged-to-be-engaged rings

In any case, Mr. Bristol Palin lost his promise ring in July while hunting caribou, natch, so he tattooed Bristol's name around his ring finger.   (Kind of like the 6-inch tat Becks got of Posh?)  He says the tattoo's a good idea because he'll just lose rings.  

But the best part of this whole article?  Mr. Bristol Palin isn't registered to vote.


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