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Collecting Garbage Funds Honeymoon


Collecting Garbage Funds Honeymoon
UK couple collects 6000 recyclable items for honeymoon flight.

How much is a transatlantic flight in business class worth? To one engaged couple, it warranted three months of spare time spent collecting garbage to earn them a sweet reward for a "trashy" endeavor.

An innovative British couple spent time every day for three months scouring the streets of their town of Petersfield, collecting cans and other recyclable items to trade in for travel reward points at a local grocery store.

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John and Ann Till had enough money for the first leg of their honeymoon—a trip from the UK to New York on the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner—but were faced with a shortage for the return flight home. British superstore brand, Tesco, was running a promotion offering one loyalty point in exchange for four recyclable items. Every 250 points earned the Tills 600 British Airways miles.

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After arriving in New York, the couple spent time in Denver and Nashville before flying home in the luxury of $6,000 business class seats from Atlanta.

"It did raise a smile when we were in business class on the flight back to Gatwick to think that the litter louts of Petersfield had paid for the pleasure," John told BBC news.

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