Why Sarah Palin's First Dude Drives Women Wild


Why Sarah Palin's First Dude Drives Women Wild
Could Todd Palin's sex appeal win his woman a seat in the White House?

He's the man of the family—literally. He stepped down from his full-time position to step up to be Mr. Mom. Todd still works part time, but the majority of his day is spent tending to familial matters, from cooking to child rearing to paying the bills, says the New York Post. 

She doesn't emasculate him. This is where "First Dude" comes into play. Technically, he's Alaska's First Gentleman, but the couple found a moniker that better suits the snowmobiling, woodsman.  


He's not jealous. Simply put, he doesn't want to steal her thunder. CNN says that "Todd Palin is known as his wife's greatest adviser and most loyal protector," but that's where his influence ends (or so we think; see next point). He appears content to stay behind the scenes, and doesn't compete with Sarah. Instead, he supports her. 

He might be pulling the strings all along. The Wall Street Journal reported that some Alaskans call Todd the "Shadow Governor," insinuating that he might have more power than we think. He has been copied on numerous government emails and he weighs in on state legislation. And lest we not forget Troopergate. 

Whether Todd is the unassuming good-natured, aproned guy or the mastermind behind the Republican ticket, women around the country are on board—which raises the bigger question: McCain brought on Palin to win the female vote. But which Palin, exactly?