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Video: Got Herpes? Try Herpex


Valtrex, Jumper, Budweiser. You got mocked. Possibly goofed.

The dudes at have decided to mock the Herpes commercial genre. Perhaps not mock maybe it's more of on homage or possibly even a pastiche. Enjoy!

OK, maybe it was more of an amalgamated parody of those Budweiser super powers commercials and the fake intimacy that the Valtrex commercials give us. Either way, it was better than the movie Jumper. All we know is that we've been to that space between jumps and it reminds us of watching a David Lynch movie filmed through a hotel door peephole while mainlining Afghani smack. Or, you know, not totally unpleasant. Honestly, if you have to have the Herp, you might as well have sweet powers though we would prefer to be a shapeshifter.


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