Which Body Part Is Most Popular?

Which Body Part Is Most Popular?

Fleshmap reveals whether or not eyes beat booty.

In a study of 10,000 songs, art-meets-science project Fleshmap found that the most crooned-about human body part is the eye.

From electronica to R&B, the eyes had it in all genres but three: blues, gospel and hip hop. Hands topped the list for blues and gospel, and what took top mention in hip hop? Drum roll, please: the booty.

Fleshmap is the creation of two artists who used three senses: touch, sight and sound to explore the human body and desire. One page features a collection of 42 paintings of breasts, each one a different size, shape and color. Then there's the glossary that features pictorial definitions for almost every part, from nose to "yoni."

The most instructive part of the site maps the human body with hot zones of desire broken into four categories: where women desire to be touched, where men desire to be touched, where lovers desire to touch women and where lovers desire to touch men. The most desirable touch zones are no-brainers, but it was surprising to see that feet are the least erogenous areas for both sexes.

Up in arms that Fleshmap's not giving feet enough love? You can contribute your preferences to the project here.


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