Bride From The Block


Bride From The Block
JLo renews wedding vows with Marc Anthony.

JLo clearly takes the cake for most marriages, but Marc, serial vow-renewer, seems to be breaking records himself. He and his first wife of four years, former Miss Universe Dayanara Delgado, also renewed their wedding vows in December of 2002. Their divorce was soon to follow in 2004. Four days after it was finalized, Jen and Marc were married in a secret wedding.

So what's the difference between Marc's first and second marriages? (With two kids and two ceremonies a piece, you can't blame a blogger for asking!) For starters, Dayanara's second trip down the aisle was in Puerto Rico, while JLo's was in Vegas. Ah, Sin City: home of the original walk of shame. (Well, it was for Britney.)

Jenny from the block shared the stage with New York Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran and his wife Jessica in the joint ceremony, witnessed by a dozen guests. Mama and Poppa Lopez watched twins Max and Emme elsewhere, while the newly weds celebrated their nuptials with a bottle of Dom Perignon. Cheers.