Is Katie Holmes Moving Out (To NYC?)

Is Katie Holmes Moving Out (To NYC?)
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Is Tom Cruise's Beverly Hills Mansion Enough For Katie?

Katie Holmes, 29, seems to have taken to her lifestyle as a Broadway success; in fact, she may be considering permanent relocation to New York City. According to In Touch, a friend revealed that Katie met with a Manhattan real estate agent to look at properties in the $10 million range.

With Tom, 46, and kids Suri, 2, Isabelle, 15, and Connor, 13, happily settled in the family's $35 million mansion in Beverly Hills (purchased just last May), does Katie's home-hunting indicate a split? Or is Katie simply seeking a new bachelorette pad to crash at during Broadway stints? Tom already owns real estate in NYC and the couple was reportedly looking to rent an apartment in Donald Trump's building on Park Avenue, last July.

It's also been reported that Katie isn't thrilled with Beverly Hills, especially due to its distance from Broadway, where she hopes to spend more time after her recent success in Arthur Miller's play, "All My Sons". After all, she lived in New York before meeting Tom, who is "completely against the idea" of moving, according to the friend. Who can blame him? Hollywood holds the key to his big screen career, and the United Artists studio, and his family (save his mother and sister whom he booted out of his Beverly Hills home last July as per Katie's orders).

So is Katie now searching for a home base or a second home? Hm. Maybe living apart is the key to wedded bliss.


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