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Avril Lavigne: Heading for Divorce?

Avril Lavigne: Heading for Divorce?

Rumors abound of Lavigne's split from husband

As Starpulse just reported, the tabloids are starting to swirl around rumors of a breakup between rock musicians Avril Lavigne and her husband, Sum 41’s Derek Whibley. Reports state that the issues started shortly after Avril left for her world tour, which left Whibley back in Los Angeles to party. Rumors of a split increased after Whibley was seen in close quarters with a mystery woman in an L.A. nightspot Thursday evening.
If this is true, this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen relationships end when the woman is more successful. Hollywood is populated with women whose personal relationships have suffered when their careers eclipsed that of their mates. Usually, one has to assume there were issues there to begin with but it doesn’t make it sting any less nor does it make it right. If this rumor is true, we hope Avril takes some time to heal and then finds someone with her ambition and drive.



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