Blogger Crush: Everyday Goddess

Blogger Crush: Everyday Goddess

Everyday Goddess fills us in on her everyday life.

She's honest, sweet, and sassy and she's living life in La La land, a.k.a. Los Angeles. Meet our blogger crush this week, Everyday Goddess. Her birth certificate does not read "Everyday Goddess" ( how awesome would that be?) but rather, Liz Rizzo. Rizzo is a film school alum who works in post-production and has dreams of directing movies/television. And judging by her fresh and witty entries, it's evident that this lady has the drive and talent to make dreams come true.

Liz sounds off about relationships (including an ex-fiancee who she broke it off with because they weren't compatible), why she doesn't agree with Katy Perry's hit song "I Kissed A Girl", and racy sex positions that she would try for the right guy. Her blog also includes two important links. One is for Everyday Goddess Does...This is kind of like a sub blog in which Liz is sent various products from companies that she tests and then reviews for her site. Blogher, the community for women who blog, is the other important link featured on Everyday Goddess. Liz has her own blog on this site as well.

"If there's really only one great person in this world, then this world is ridiculous, and I don't believe that. There's a lot of great people. A lot a lot." We appreciate Liz's optimism and brutal honesty, and that is why she is this week's blogger crush.

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