Can Powerful Women Find Love?

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powerful woman
Driven, successful, and... always single: Do guys really find power sexy?

In her book Are Men Necessary?: When Sexes Collide, the New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd discusses the ups and downs of sex and gender today, and some of her findings aren't encouraging. She discusses how in movies like Maid in Manhattan and Spanglish, powerful men find their ambitious female counterparts loathsome and instead fall for women working as maids and nannies. Dowd discusses her life as a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist (and the sole female columnist on the New York Times op-ed page) and the lives of her similarly successful friends, who have to temper their success to seem desirable (Dowd wrote of a friend who was disappointed after having won a Pulitzer prize because she'd have an even harder time getting men to date her). Dowd sees the highly successful men of the baby boomer generation as repelled by successful women: "If there's one thing men fear, it's a woman who uses her critical faculties."

In Ross Douthat's book Privilege: Harvard and the Education of the Ruling Class, the reporter looks at his four years at Harvard (where he claims to have learned relatively little) and writes that Harvard women found their affiliation with the Ivy League school to be a big problem in the dating sphere. He writes that his female classmates referred to telling a guy that they attended Harvard as "dropping the H-bomb," which could blow the romantic pursuit at hand to smithereens. On an episode of Sex and the City, Harvard Law-educated Miranda Hobbes pretends to be a flight attendant because she senses that her lawyer gig is making men run.

Last July, Hilary Duff told the London newspaper the Guardian, "The women I know are more successful than the men. It's hard for me to meet someone. I don't need someone who, like, has as much as me, but I don't want someone who has much less because then you never really feel taken care of. And it would always make a guy feel not like a man."

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