Morning News Feed: Wednesday, Oct 8


Morning News Feed: Wednesday, Oct 8
Sarah Palin and Joe Biden's love child.

So now you're living at home, can't go to a dating cafe, but you're desperate to wed. If your solution is arranged marriage, ABC wants you on 20/20 to talk about it. ABC News.

If you've gone the super-traditional arranged marriage route, it's possible you haven't slept with your intended. Watch out! He might have the premature ejaculation gene that scientists have recently identified. Science Daily.


Now let's back up a bit. Say you live on your own and your dating life is pretty normal. Are you part of the 40% of people who believes that texting plays a big role in your relationships? iStockAnalyst.

Even if you do connect through text, finding the one is difficult, especially if you live in New York. Examiner.

But don't give up! Your soul mate might live right down the street, like one British couple who lived seven doors apart for 17 years, connected through an online dating site and are now engaged to be married. Aw, how romantic. . . This is South Wales.

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