Maria Shriver: Dating Coach-Matchmaker


Maria Shriver: Dating Coach-Matchmaker
Tom Arnold is getting the matchmaking treatment from the Governator's wife.

According to Contact Music, Maria Shriver is providing relationship advice and lessons to Tom Arnold after his most recent divorce from Shelby Roos last spring. After a year off of the dating scene (which is often code for being on the hooker scene), Tom Arnold is ready to put himself back out there and, evidently, Maria Shriver doesn't trust him with this responsibility on his own. In addition to the advice and coaching, she's actually been playing matchmaker to the 'comedic' actor. It's good to be the Governator's little buddy. But that's not always a great solution. Per Arnold, you really don't know what your friends think of you until they set you up with someone. And his friends think he's fat and old. Awesome observation, Tom Arnold. Sometimes your friends have the luxury of matching you with someone they think might work. And sometimes your friends match you up with whoever is available and, chances are, the good ones are all taken (or capable of finding their own dates). So, if anyone is up for dating Tom Arnold, head out to LA, become familiar with Dotspotter, and let the magic happen.

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