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David Duchovny Checks Out Of Sex Rehab

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Actor checks out of treatment for sex addiction, returns to wife Tea Leoni and family

People reports that actor David Duchovny has checked himself out of a rehabilitation center where he sought treatment for sex addiction. The actor, who entered the treatment facility voluntarily over a month ago, returns to wife of over ten years, actress Tea Leoni, and their two children.  As Duchovny returns to work on a new movie, one can’t help but note the life-imitating-art spin on this story: he currently portrays a promiscuous, vice-driven writer on the hit Showtime series, Californication.

YourTango’s Take: Whatever your views on sex addiction may be, you have to respect David for admitting there was a problem and making a commitment to his marriage by seeking treatment.  Kind of makes you question a relationship with a guy who won’t even commit to putting the seat down, doesn’t it, ladies?


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